The vocab today project

2 min readMar 13, 2020


These days, because of the corona virus outbreak, I have plenty solitary time at home. Apart from work, I spent quite some time thinking about what coding project I can do. Finally, I come up with this idea about creating a youtube channel with the sole aim of pronouncing all the words in the world.

This channel aims to provide you the best learning resources for language. We are creating videos that pronounce all interesting english words in the word in American accent. These videos also contain useful definitions and examples of use of the words for your reference. These are all great learning materials for you to master english and speak like a native speaker. Subscribe to this channel and play all the videos available on the channel. You can learn these vocabulary subconsciously!

At the beginning of this project, I can already foresee that is not so simple as expected. I foresee I will spend quite some time on coding, debugging, putting the program on cloud etc. Indeed, it took away a lot of time. But they are not the main challenges. There problems I am facing these days are now about getting traffic, further streamline the whole workflow (from video creation to final upload). For example, I didn’t realize there is a quota restricting people from uploading more than 5 videos a day using their API. That’s new to me, but I am grateful to have this project started.

I recalled I read a quote from Steven Pressfield which goes like : the time required and the cost involved in your project is always twice as much as you originally expected. That struck a chord with me. I guess I will just have to be patient and persistent, stay in the game for a longer period of time, and go with the flow.

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